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Are usually used under arches or r.s.j's (beams) but basically can be used anywhere and represent great value for money and very affective and easy to fit, please browse this column to see our range of corbels..

Arches can be made to any size.arch cappings come as standard curve or we can run an arch to a tenplate.need following measurements:width of opening,width of wall,height of opening.

Arch #1
Plaster Corbel #20
w265mm h365mm d172mm

The half column can be used as a door-surround or under an arch.length 2120mm width 100mm depth 50mm

Plaster Corbel #3
w125mm h170mm d63mm
Click here to see large image

The half column can be used as a door surround or under an arch.
Length 2120mm width 100mm Depth 50mm


Plaster Corbel #14

w187mm h305mm d130mm

Plaster Corbel #7
w170mm h270mm d160mm
Plaster Corbel #5
w185mm h300mm d80mm
Plaster Corbel #16
w178mm h222mm d100mm
Plaster Corbel #6
w150mm h232mm d118mm
Plaster Corbel #17
w345mm h228mm d74mm
Plaster Corbel #20
w265mm h365mm d172mm
Plaster Corbel #18
w162mm h408mm d135mm
Plaster Corbel #9
w177mm h152mm d83mm
Plaster Corbel #1
w108mm h170mm d87mm
Plaster Corbel #11
w200mm h235mm d85mm
Plaster Corbel #2
w92mm h79mm d95mm

Plaster Corbel #12
w130mm h338mm d197mm
Plaster Corbel #15
w234mm h302mm d110mm

Plaster Corbel #4

w135mm h150mm d70mm


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