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Facts about Coving:
Also known as Cornice We have over 60 stunning Coving designs for you to choose from.
Please refer to this Key to the measurements
  Wall Ceiling Facia Photo
90mm 40mm 90mm
98mm 94mm 130mm
100mm 73mm 115mm
94mm 90mm 124mm
96mm 83mm 120mm
C9 100mm 70mm 120mm
105mm 70mm 125mm
C11 93mm 106mm 140mm
C12 112mm 104mm 149mm
C13 108mm 100mm 140mm
C14 110mm 110mm 150mm
C15 100mm 95mm 130mm
C16 90mm 120mm 150mm
C17 110mm 85mm 140mm
C18 124mm 90mm 150mm
C19 125mm 85mm 148mm
C20 78mm 124mm 135mm
C21 102mm 108mm 145mm
C22 104mm 94mm 125mm
C23 94mm 123mm 145mm
C24 112mm 114mm 152mm
C25 115mm 72mm 130mm
C26 145mm 98mm 160mm
C27 128mm 138mm 188mm


122mm 140mm 180mm
C29 115mm 105mm 155mm
C30 123mm 130mm 160mm
C31 145mm 142mm 197mm
C32 96mm 164mm 188mm
C33 138mm 120mm 180mm
C34 150mm 150mm 205mm
C35 172mm 145mm 215mm
C36 158mm 124mm 200mm
C37 139mm 106mm 166mm
C38 83mm 130mm 150mm
C39 159mm 80mm 168mm
C40 151mm 105mm 180mm
C41 156mm 84mm 165mm
C42 130mm 110mm 155mm
C43 120mm 112mm 163mm
C44 203mm 160mm 260mm
C45 167mm 137mm 215mm
C46 110mm 180mm 208mm
C47 160mm 120mm 200mm
C48 130mm 190mm 220mm
C49 130mm 172mm 220mm
C50 160mm 190mm 240mm
C51 86mm 228mm 240mm
C52 177mm 160mm 240mm
C53 142mm 110mm 180mm
C54 160mm 160mm 230mm

80mm 75mm 108mm
C55 182mm 205mm 285mm
C56 200mm 145mm 300mm
C57 215mm 188mm 275mm
C59 115mm 48mm 124mm
C60 97mm 37mm 100mm
C61 105mm 125mm 165mm
C62 180mm 140mm 220mm
F1     200mm Wide
F2     170mm wide
C4 102mm 80mm 126mm
104mm 57mm 112mm
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